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The Proposals


Approximately 1,550 new homes


Creation of over 
21ha of parkland


A new primary school


A new local centre including small scale retail provision and health centre;


Approximately 30ha of new planting as Compensatory Green Belt measures


Retention of Durham County Council playing pitches.

Sniperley Park is allocated by Durham County Council as land for housing in the County Durham Plan (2020). The development proposed by Co. Durham Land LLP will be brought forward as part of a comprehensive masterplan for the wider allocated site.


The masterplan for the site has been developed in line with the principles of the Garden Cities movement and includes:

  • A mix of housing types, tenures and sizes including over 380 affordable homes and homes to meet the needs of older people;

  • High quality imaginative design, combining the very best of town and country living to create healthy homes in vibrant communities;

  • Generous green spaces including a linear park comprising 16 hectares linked to the wider natural environment, including public walking networks, high quality private gardens, tree-lined streets and open spaces; and

  • Community facilities including a new primary school, shops and healthcare facilities located centrally to provide residents with access to services to meet their day-to-day needs.


The development will be built out in phases over the next 15 years or thereabouts by a combination of housebuilders. Further details will be available following the outline planning application as part of future applications.

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